The following information is required to complete your order. Please enter this information in the "Imprint Instructions" box after closing this window. Any additional information or clarification we need will be requested before we proceed with your order. NOTE: Before filling out the imprint information, be sure you have selected the color mug you want from the drop down list.

1. Specify the ink color of the imprint. Choose a color that will contrast well with the mug color you have chosen. All pricing shown is based on one ink color. Two color printing is available for an additional charge and will be quoted if you indicate on your order that you want it.

2. Indicate in which POSITION(S) you want an imprint to appear - Position 1, Position 2 and/or Position 3.


3. For each imprint position, please indicate what imprint STYLE you would like, including the custom information to be prepared in that style (your club name, etc.). For example, if you've chosen the cobalt blue mug you might say:

Ink Color - Gold

Position 1 - Imprint Style A
Top Line: Rotary Club of
Bottom Line - Johnson County, KS.

Position 2 - Imprint Style E (4 Way Test).
Style A Style B
Style C Style D
Style E Style F
Style E  

If you have questions or are unsure about something, you can simply put a note in the Imprint Information box for us to contact you.