Submitting/Uploading Your Artwork Files

Please include a note with your upload about what club, district, or organization you are with, which item you are ordering, and whether you have placed the order yet (and if so, what your order number is)

Uploading artwork does not mean an order has been placed. Please continue to place your order through the website or with a Customer Service Representative if you have not already done so.

Vector based artwork is strongly preferred, especially for larger items. We can accept the following vector artwork filetypes: Adobe Illustrator (.ai files), CorelDraw (.cdr files, Version X6 or older), and Encapsulated Postscript (vector-based .eps files). Any text included in your vector artwork should be converted to curves/outlines.

We can also accept raster artwork, provided it is good quality and high resolution relative to the intended print size. Raster artwork filetypes include Adobe Photoshop (.psd), .tif, .jpg, or .png files. We recommend a minimum image resolution of 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch) at intended print size. If your raster artwork has layers (e.g. Photoshop files), do not flatten them. Any text included in your raster artwork should be rasterized.

Document files such as .doc or .ppt files are not appropriate for submitting artwork. A .pdf file will require review to determine whether the artwork is suitable for use.

If there are any problems with your artwork, or if your artwork requires billable preparation time from our Graphic Artist, we will notify you and obtain your approval before proceeding.

We will also send you a proof which you must approve and return before we will proceed with your order.


After you finish submitting your artwork you must add the product to your basket and complete your order.