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ORDER FORM - Vertical Ribbons
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2. Select Vertical Ribbons
President Rotary International
RIB1000 Past Director Rotary International
RIB1200 Partner of District Governor
RIB1600 Partner of District Governor Elect
RIB1700 District Governor Nominee
RIB1800 Partner of District Governor Nominee
RIB1900 District Secretary
RIB1950 Governor's Representative
Past President Rotary International
RIB2000 District Treasurer
RIB2100 District Executive Committee
RIB2200 District Finance Committee
RIB2400 Secretary Host Club
RIB2800 Partner of Club President
Representative of President Rotary International
RIB3500 Partner of Rotarian
RIB3600 Conference Chairman
RIB3700 Conference Co-Chairman
RIB3800 Conference Vice Chairman
RIB4000 Conference Secretary
RIB4100 Conference Treasurer
RIB4200 Conference Chaplain
RIB4300 Conference Song Leader
RIB4750 Foundation Benefactor
Vice President Rotary International
RIB5000 Chairperson Sergeant-At-Arms
RIB5100 Banquet Committee
RIB5200 Boy Scouts Committee
RIB5300 Credentials Committee
RIB5400 Chairperson Credentials Committee
RIB5500 Decorations Committee
RIB5600 Chairperson Decorations Committee
RIB5700 Elections Committee
RIB5800 Chairperson Elections Committee
RIB5900 Entertainment Committee
Past Vice-President Rotary International
RIB6000 Chairperson Entertainment Committee
RIB6100 Chairperson Hotels Committee
RIB6200 Ladies Entertainment Committee
RIB6300 Chairperson Ladies Entertainment Committee
RIB6500 Chairperson Ladies Reception Committee
RIB6600 Luncheon Committee
RIB6700 Chairperson Luncheon Committee
RIB6800 Necrology Committee
RIB6900 Chariperson Necrology Committee
Secretary Rotary International
RIB7000 Program Committee
RIB7100 Chairperson Program Committee
RIB7200 Prizes and Awards Committee
RIB7300 Chairperson Prizes and Awards Committee
RIB7400 Publicity Committee
RIB7500 Chairperson Publicity Committee
RIB7700 Chairperson Reception Committee
RIB7800 Registration Committee
RIB7900 Chairperson Registration Committee
Treasurer Rotary International
RIB8000 Resolutions Committee
RIB8100 Chairperson Resolutions Commit
RIB8200 Rotary Ann Committee
RIB8300 Chairperson Rotary Ann Committee
RIB8400 Rotary Ann
RIB8500 Transportation Committee
RIB8600 Chairperson Transportation Committee
RIB8700 Youth Exchange Committee
RIB8900 Group Study Exchange
Director Rotary International
RIB9100 Red New Member w/Gold Print
RIB9300 Exhibitor Yellow w/Gold Letters
RIB9500 Patron Red with Gold Letters
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